Teaming up!

17th of January

Out with old… with the new

Today we sat down and discussed what went wrong with our previous design. We all liked our old design but agreed on that it was not suited for this class. So how do you get four different personalities to agree on one design?

We tried out a lot of different themes until we finally found one that we all agreed on. After settling on a theme we changed the color of the header and tried out some fun backgrounds until we agreed on a subtle white background color.

The trickiest part was to find an appropriate header which fitted our topic and design.  After googeling for a while and trying a few pictures that were suitable, we found a picture that we all fell in love with and also our next problem. How could we get it to fit our measures? First we saved it on our desktop and then used the Macbook preview program to adjust the pixels to fit our format. The next step was to upload it onto WordPress where we could crop it to suit the header format.

It’s was fun trying out different themes and experimenting and we are now very pleased with our design. We hope you appreciate our new design just as much as we do!

18th of January

Style in Fashion and Writing

After having discussed the new design for our blog we started thinking about what else we could do to show that we are a team.
The first thing a team needs to do is to find out what the members have in common. What we have in common is pretty obvious: our interest in fashion. But as we came to notice it is not just a common interest, it is a common passion! So, here is one big advantage we have: we can always be sure that we will write about fashion and marketing. There is no switching around, changing topics because interests change. A passion will stay the same.
But as it normally is in fashion there are different styles.
So, we sat down and thought about how to figure out in which ways we differ because the different qualities that each member has are also very important to a team.
And what is easiest to find out? – How we differ in style! Then, we had an honest moment when we openly told each other what we think about how we dress. And after a while, Katharina suggested that our style in fashion also translates into our style of writing.

Here is what we think about each other:

Inga: Inga’s style is very diverse. Every day she walks into the room looking totally different than the day before. Sometimes, you can tell that she put a lot of effort in her styling, but every once in a while you can also tell that she was in a hurry and did not really care. Then, there are times when she looks like a really chic young woman, very self-confident and sophisticated. However, there are also times when she dresses in a very simplistic and and direct style. If you know Inga’s style of writing you will know that it is very similar to her style in fashion. First of all, it is very diverse looking at all different perspectives finding topics and issues most people have not even thought about. Secondly, you can tell that she works hard on every post and the result is a sophisticated and well-researched post that makes her appear confident about what she is writing about.

Caroline: Caroline is very trendy and fashionable. You can tell that she thinks a lot about her clothing and that she is constantly looking for new pieces to add to her closet. However, her style is very edgy. There is this cool carelessness to it so that it never looks overdone. If you see her at night, though, it is like meeting a totally different person – in little, colorful and chic dresses. How does that apply to her writing? Well, if you know about it you will find that she is also always looking for new inspiration what to write about. Her style in writing is very direct. She gives you the interesting facts right away. Nevertheless, there are sometimes moments when you can see her doing it differently, moments when something else shimmers through like a very catchy introduction or a surprising conclusion.

Marius: He is not exactly a hipster. Still, he dresses somewhat like them with skinny jeans, military boots, jewelry and a hat. Basically, what he seems to do is to use the trends and add his own touch to it. He makes it a little more practical, manly and less fashionable. There is more edge to it and resulting from that a higher uniqueness. In the beginning, his writing seemed to be a little bit lost. Although there was a small interest in fashion he did not know how to make use of this topic to turn it into something he can relate to. After a while he discovered that marketing in fashion like everything else is connected to technology. From that point on, we could observe him develop his own style of writing. There is a dry irony to everything he tells us about that keeps it interesting.

Katharina: With Katharina we wondered whether we have ever seen her not perfectly styled from head to toe. While she strongly disagreed we found that there is always a red thread in her outfit, like a theme she sticks to from cold colors to completely black (which seems to be, by the way, her favorite color…). She always tries out new things which add a touch of uniqueness to her style. The devil lies in the details people say and it is the same with her outfits. Jewelry and make-up are a big part of how she dresses. We, as fashion experts, also noticed that she is constantly reinventing old outfits. When we transfer that to her style of writing we can say that she is all over the topic writing about issues we all already aware of from a new perspective. Nevertheless, it is always well structured and she is good at sticking to the red thread of the topic. In her writing as well in dressing she pays attention to the little details using literary tools to make the reading more easily.

We really hope that this might help you understanding our blog as well as our team so that for the future you will have a better insight of what we are doing!

2 thoughts on “Teaming up!”

  1. As I just wrote on K’s recent post, I think this design works beautifully: it is elegant and so reflects well on the exercise in taste that is among your major issues!

  2. first time see this blog… very interesting!
    for sure i have not that passion for the fashion as all these members have it… but i am in fashion industry… so, something i need to learn… everyday.
    good job!… compliments!

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