About us

Hi ! We are Caroline, Katharina, Marius and Inga and we will blog about fashion marketing! Focus will be put  on H&M, Inditex and High Class Brands and its connection. Enjoy and feel free to comment! 
Inga- Inditex 
I’m Inga, 21 years old, born an raised near Düsseldorf, NRW. I graduated from Highschool last year and studied one semester in Venlo, NL. I soon realized  I wanted to leave the Niederrhein for a little bit. So glady, I got accepted to the HWR Berlin right away moved to this wonderful city  just 2 weeks before the studies started.  Besides studying I really like cooking and I just enrolled for the Berlin semi-marathon which kind of forces me to do a lot of sports right now. I chose to write about Inditex, because firstly I like its brands and secondly I think its a really interesting and innovative company I’d like to know more about.
Caroline – H&M
My name is Caroline and I’m 23 years old. I come from Sweden and I moved to Berlin in March this year to study at HWR Berlin. I’ve also lived one year in Spain, seven months in Hamburg and one year in the United States. During my time abroad I’ve learned a lot about different cultures and mentalities which I think will be very helpfull in my future business life. My biggest hobbie and passion is life is dancing.
The reason I chose to focus on H&M is that it has always been a part of my life. Like I mentioned before, I’m from Sweden and H&M is, if possible, even more popular there. There must be a reason for its popularity and I would like to find out what that is and how they keep developing.

 Katharina – A Little Bit of All

My name is Katharina and I am 21 years young. Originally, I come from Karlsruhe and now I live in Berlin to study at the HWR.

 I have always been interested in fashion. It is what I put all my time, money and effort in. I envy all those who can make their living with it such as my good friend Matthias. Since he just recently started his own label, I decided not to focus on one single brand. I rather want to provide examples of good marketing that might be helpful for future designers and marketers. Whether that might be an extraordinary commercial or an exceptional runway show – it does not matter as long as it is outstanding and successful.

Marius – The male perspective

My name is Marius and I’m 22 years old. I was born in Freiburg a small city in the southwest corner of Germany. After having successfully completed my apprenticeship as a forwarding merchant I made up my mind and attended another year school to achieve the ‘Fachhochschulreife Schwerpunkt: Wirtschaft”. In March 2011 I moved to Berlin not only to study International Business Management at the HWR, Berlin but also to enjoy the capital of electronic music. In my spare time I like to deejay and I’m interested in computers.

Some people may ask why I decided to write about fashion marketing.

Well, first it was hard to find a group which suits my interests but after having heard some advice of our professor Bruce Spear to try something new I decided to do so. I consider myself as fashion interested but not as a fashion victim. In my blog entries I focus on the male perspective of fashion marketing to give you other insights into this topic. Enjoy reading!


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