When I started blogging, I have to admit that I had no clue of where I was heading at. I chose the topic of our blog without really weighting my options. I’m not going to lie, my interest in fashion is quite limited. But I know it is a huge industry, and saying “I’m never going to work in the fashion industry” is stupid. So as I went along writing some post, I felt quite comfortable with the niches of my personal interest, like e.g. the fur industry, labor conditions or developments in electronic marketing. My positive experiences while writing were moments, when I was already collecting information about one topic I wanted to write about and finding something more interesting in between. It means more work for me, but it’s also more exciting and honest – writing about something I REALLY like and that I find the MOST interesting at the moment. Still I would say, my biggest Aha-moments were finding out about these topics and looking for more of these 🙂

As for myself, I can tell you that my aha-moment was a very simple
one. I discovered that there are many more ways to conduct research
than just using the web. Unfortunately, the interview will have to
wait after Christmas since my friend and I won’t get together before.
Therefore, I have decided to make two posts on it: one on the web as a
marketing tool and one about sponsoring.
My greatest aha-experience has been to realize that I’m actually pretty obsesses with H&M! When my group and I first decided to create a blog about Fashion Marketing it was clear to me that my part was going to revolve around H&M, I didn’t even have to think twice about it. As it was time for me to come up with topics I decided to start of slow with some general information and then concentrate on the IT aspect of it all. I have now written four posts and still I have not reached the stage where I believe that I’m ready to take on the IT aspect, I have found too many interesting subjects on the way. The mixture of researching both official sites and different blogs has taken me much further with this topic than I had ever imagined. I guess this is my aha-experience: What I thought I knew about H&M and marketing in general (which was quite a lot) turned out to be superficial knowledge and there is so much more to discover if you use the right tools!
As we started with the blogging groups I really didn’t know which group to join. As I heard the terms fashion and marketing I found myself in the situation to try something new or to remain with the old, familiar stuff. Marketing was a term which didn’t really interest me at all because I have decided early to specialize in finance and accounting. But why don’t verify your choice? So I did. In the beginning I thought it was one of the worst decisions this semester but after I’ve written my last blog post I realized that marketing has also an impact on my everyday shopping behavior. I nearly order everything online except of groceries (which I would do if I could check the freshness and quality of the fruits and vegetables beforehand). I also perceived that I spent a large amount of my income on fashion, a higher share which I thought before. If I told you now how much you would say that I am completely insane. All in all, I don’t regret my decision to try something new but now I’m sure to stick to what I know best.

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