This is my last post and I’ve been wondering way to much about what I want to write about. -13°C made me come up with the following idea:  I just write, how I like to write. This includes disrespecting most of the  advice I was given before. So for those of you who’d liked a double space after “This includes disrespecting most of the (writing) advice I’ve been given before” – I’m sorry. This is supposed to be a reflection about what I’ve been doing with this blog and this course for the last months. A reflection in the most thought-like structure possible. That’s supposed to explain the composition. So I hope, giving an insight to how my thought move, is as interesting as choosing an exciting topic to write about. 
So.. what have I’ve been writing about ? I chose to join the fashion group – even though fashion does not interest me beyond a certain – low- point. But I’m pretty glad I still found enough interesting elements to write about, that were helpful for me. I discovered a pretty eco-oriented character-trait which is probably follow me in my choice of employment later. And wasn’t writing this blog supposed to push us one little step further into the direction of job ideas? Apparently, I don’t have many followers and nobody offered me a job, because I’ve shown so much interest or talent for something 😉 but that’s no real disappointment. Actually it’s nice, cause this way I can write as personally as this without embarrassing myself in front of too many ppl. 
Actually, the more I think about it, the thing I like most about this course – this writing- is that it is pretty much our single way of expressing some kind of free thinking and creativity. Most of us have not chosen this study course because they’d LOVE to become an accountant or an HR manager, but because they don’t trust their talent enough to study something artistic and cool. Don’t get me wrong, I like my studies, and I think I’ll be able to do great things with it later, BUT don’t you think drawing, running, cooking and music would be SO much more fun to make a living of rather than…calculating, planning and controlling ? analyzing investment opportunities… yeah.. no opposing votes at this point. I actually rediscovered my passion for writing (rather than calculating) by doing my sister’s homework for a more creative study course. 
Nevertheless, just after I finished my last post, I talked to an old teacher of mine about what’s going on in school and what I want to do after graduation, I could finally say something – more or less due to the posts I’ve been writing, because I chose topics (except for one or two) that really interested me. So I know now – I’m not gonna say I didn’t know before, but I wasn’t as aware as I am now- I can imagine working in the fashion industry (which I’ve been ruling out strictly before) IF and  only IF it has some “good” point too it. Like supporting aid for self-help in Africa or producing clothes from sustainable resources. And at this time I can also call myself lucky, that businessppl are needed in any field, and since I’ve already established contacts in that field, it’s certainly not impossible. So at the punchline of this project, I can actually show more results than I expected.