I dedicate this post to my latest acknowledgement in the blogging  and marketing scene. Apparently, the latest success is transferring existing (written) fashion blogs into fancy videos to gain more attention. And as you can see on the picture below, these video channels are more popular than ever (notice the red boxes!) Moreover, apart from the blogging, it has become unavoidable for all firms to connect their online
presents with videos. This post will give an overview over the general developments and advantages of video marketing of bloggers and fashion labels. 
The popularity of video marketing
Today, the range of Internet marketing strategies that can foster product awareness among the target market is huge. And since it is additionally considered the most cost-efficient method of promotion, video marketing remains one of the favorite policy by online business owners.It has been said that this audio visual scheme of advertisement is one of the best medium of reaching the right attention of the target audience.
Naturally, the videos are hitting the market like that because most target users don’t have much time to go through reading the descriptions of the products or services. Watching a video will make things simpler as well as it poses an entertaining effect. Because of this, most users prefer websites that have video references along with the product description. It is also pointed out that Websites that don’t have videos in it will most likely turn the visitors away from it. 
Online (Video) Blogging
Moreover, Internet Marketing such as online video blogging, has increased rapidly within the last 2 years as numerous video ads appearing all throughout the net confirm. Obviously, video blogging is a more inter-activ form of blogging, offering new advantages to all bloggers, viewers and fashion enterprises. See an example of really popular online video blogs here and here.
Videos used by enterprises
As I said in the beginning, videos are vital for today’s (fashion) enterprises. Nearly all of Inditex subdivisions have their own video channel on youtube. Zara, massimo dutti, pull & bear and bershka have a remarkable number of followers on their video portfolio. 
This post has hopefully shown, how video marketing is applied in the fashion and blogging industry. If you are seeking for advice how to optimize your personal (enterprize’s) video performance, see this interesting blog (german) oder for a english version, see here.