When people have an aha-moment, they are most likely to follow it. They leave one room and enter a new one, inspired by a creative push. But what if they are only certain about leaving one room, but do not know which one to enter?

Whenever I am trying something new, and I begin to realize that it is not for me for whatever reason, I continuously tell myself “Just keep going, you have to do that, you have no alternative.” Then, after a certain period of time, there comes the breakdown – a point when I can no longer go on like nothing was wrong; if you want to – a point of no return.

Knowing that something is not good for you is not the problem. It just means that you have to exit one room. However, if you find yourself standing in the hallway unsure which door to turn to definitely is a problem.

Actually, aha-moments are not as rare as most people think they are. Walking around on this planet, you see and meet so many people, you have and take so many chances that it is only normal to come across someone or something that you do not like. But how often do you find something that simply excites you, that makes your heart beat faster and that makes your brain run wildly?

So, the challenge is not to have an aha—moment. Rather, it is to be able to use it in a good way. After having found out what you have to leave behind it is not helping your state of mind not knowing what you can get in return.

Now, the question is: How can we find out which path to take?

To be honest, I do not know. I am still trying to figure out what my interests are.

In the end, as disappointing as it sounds, I would  suggest that everyone has to stand lost in that hallway for a couple of times. Ultimately, you will have to enter some other room. Try out what it has to offer for you. If there is nothing in there for you, just leave it again and try a new one!And never judge the room by its door! You cannot know that is useless to step in without ever having done so. It might sound crazy but if you are sure about all the things that do not interest you, you can be sure that the rest does!