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A Resume for Young Designers

After having looked at some of the most important channels of marketing in fashion – runway shows, commercials and collaborations – I have decided to give a little resume about what new designers can do to promote their labels. The interesting part about that is that they do neither have the financial means nor the reputation to launch a huge runway show or to shoot a three-minute commercial with Hollywood stars.

Nevertheless, the same aspects of marketing are important for them. They simply have to use other ways to make publicity. It is hard to imagine how an unknown is able to rise up the career ladder up to a point where he will no longer have to ask others for favors but has people representing him.

Failed Research

When I started researching this topic on the web I found little information. All I found out was how the big names today came to success. Unfortunately, I think this would not be a very helpful or accurate information for the post since the conditions back then differed by one very important factor: no internet! Nevertheless, this new medium has changed the nature of publicity drastically so that it would not be an up-to-date blog post.

All of the sudden, I had a moment of revelation: Why use the web when I have a friend that has achieved exactly what I want to talk about?

An Interview Might Help

He was a nobody before he started designing T-shirts which he then began to sell very successfully. But how did he manage to do that? How did he find celebrities that would wear his designs? How did he find sponsors for his second collection that consists of a lot more than T-shirts?

Although I will not be able to refer to many experts I have the chance to interview a real person that has made exactly this experience? I will have no trouble finding the information I need – instead I can just ask for it!

I hope this post will enable me to provide a lot of insight into the world of marketing in fashion!

by Katharina Städele