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Today in class I discussed my issues of writing my first blog post with Bruce. 

My main concern was that I felt like reading for hours and not really knowing how to put it into a blogpost. And more important, I felt like my outcome didn’t reflect my efforts (which is obviously depressing). Moreover, it took me forever to find a topic to right about, but that kind of solved itself while writing.

So I talked with Bruce about it and he showed me again how to use evernote properly to collect interesting homepages/blogs I want to refer to in my post. I already used evernote for my post, but somehow I didn’t use it as efficiently as I could have. So apparently (so those of you who haven’t figured out, the others can quit reading here…) you start a new notebook and save a bunch of links in there. THEN you start scanning each link and point out the most interesting aspects in the space for notes underneath the link. After you did that for a few (let’s say at least 3) links, look at your summarizing notes and pick the one that appeals to you the most. PROBABLY, you will find it relatively easy to write your post about it. Within your blogpost, compare 3 or 4 different opinions you just researched on other webpages (preferably blogs, cause they are more recent) and eventually add your own opinion. 

For your second blogpost, you can either refer to your 1st post, or write a post on someone else’s post. I hope that helped. Maybe I can explain it better in person, if you have further questions…

by Inga Z.