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“I give in to sin

 Because you have to make this life livable…

These are the lyrics of Depeche Mode’s “Strangelove” playing in the background to the Gucci Guilty ad – one of the most famous and successful fragrance campaigns!

Not Just an Ad

This is the result of the incredible work of Gucci’s creative director, Frida Giannini who   proves that going big sometimes does pay off. She is well-known for taking risks. So, it is no surprise that she would not only create a commercial for the new perfume but a graphic novel turned 3-D short film.

Frank Miller – A Visionary

After having decided that Guilty is a fragrance for the daring woman that combines classics with a boho hippie style she hired Frank Miller to shoot the commercial. To call the co-director of Sin City a visionary would be an understatement. He translates his noir-camp aesthetic in a gritty and grandiose way on to the screen. His films are generally described as visual candy. Entering the world of fashion, however, was a first for him. He achieved to design an entire city around Gucci’s new fragrance. In this city, there is nothing that is less than gorgeous. Basically, he created the perfect adventurous world everyone would want to be part of.

Hollywood Stars

But Frida Giannini wanted to go even bigger. And she did so by also recruiting to hip Hollywood stars for the roles of the protagonists. Chris Evans plays the man every woman would love to have a first date with. He seduces and kills with just a look. Nevertheless, he is equally conquered by his object of desire played by the femme fatale Rachel Wood. There is something fallacious and extremely beautiful about her that makes her acting become real art. She represents the sexy woman with class and style and that is why she is the best Gucci Guilty girl Giannini could have found.

Uniqueness Versus Commonality

Through her choices, she turned the video into something outstanding speaking to the majority of Gucci’s target group which was very well-identified and analyzed. The atmosphere of the commercial gives Gucci Guilty a concrete identity. Although it is concrete the essence can be found in every woman’s character. That is the desire to experience an ever-lasting moment of pleasure and lust that makes doubts about responsible and proper behavior vanish, a moment in which guilt becomes a good feeling. Finding a characteristic everybody can relate to is rarely achieved in fashion. Turning that commonality into a memorable ad is even more difficult.

After all, it sometimes pays off to invest a lot – a lot of stars and a lot of moneyHowever, unique ideas are the best investment of all, especially in the very competitive           fashion market!

Watch and enjoy! Gucci Guilty – Director’s Cut