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Hello Marketers and Designers!

When we think of what is necessary in fashion in order to be successful the first things that come to our mind are talent and skills. However, even the most exceptional designer can fail in establishing his brand if he does not possess any knowledge of marketing. To say it with Armani’s words: “Clothing that is not purchased or worn is not fashion.” Good marketing makes a design become a garment everybody would want to wear.

Over the last two decades fashion has not only become a global business with the emergence of brands like H&M or Zara but it is also influenced by the growth of the internet. It has a great impact on the realization of creative ideas.

These factors are just two examples demonstrating that marketing in fashion needs to be applied in a very special way because contemporary issues have to be taken into consideration. Designers have to ask themselves:

What are the ingredients for good fashion design, care for customers and commercial success?

How is fashion linked to social change?

What does my costumer want from fashion and how do I include these desires into my brand?

How do I distribute my design to ensure that I am ahead of my competitors?

Which is the most profitable market for me and how do I have to act to meet my customers’ requirements?

This blog is designed to provide answers to these most important questions in fashion marketing. Each week, we will try to show how successful designers manage to develop campaigns that allow them to convey their message with a profitable outcome.

So, if you want to engage in design or in marketing, stay tuned for more!